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web sites opened.
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Why Energy Saving?
Turkey is a country which is improving and high population for this reason Turkeys energy consumption is increases higher and higher.
More >>  24.10.2008
Lighting Catalogue
Klite new lighting catalogue is put on the market.
More >>  24.10.2008
Dirty Lighting And Energy Saving
  Dirty lighting means wrongly use in wrong areas,in wrong quantity and wrong directions.Although it has not same poison such as weather or water dirty, by using wrong places it occasion ineffective and unproductive lighting

That means saving energy has no any mean also that means limited petrol and natural resources have no mean either.Dirty lighting  includes each kind of ineffective.

Main of them are such as;

  • Lighting attack ( light overflow) ; means unnecessary place lighting.
  • Eye dazzle ; means when it gives  more light than usual,it can be dangerous for eye.
  • Upright Light ; means goes directly to sky and lost in space.
  • Extreme Light ; means much more using than necessary light.

The main sources of dirty lighting are the overflow parts of  street or road lighting,parks,sports areas lighting,bill boards and buildings outside parts.
What is correct lighting ?

The easy answer is :

i-To privent way of light from the sky and turn towards correct way.
ii-To stop unnecessary lights at midnight such as advertisement or notice boards.

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