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web sites opened.
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Why Energy Saving?
Turkey is a country which is improving and high population for this reason Turkeys energy consumption is increases higher and higher.
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Lighting Catalogue
Klite new lighting catalogue is put on the market.
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(Illuminate)Lighting Energy Saving
  Compact flourescent bulbs consume 5 times less than a normal bulb, and has 12 times more lifetime. With normal 5 hours use, standart bulbs has 750-900 hours lifetime but compact flourescent bulbs has 12.000 hours (2.400 days).
  • You can reduce more than % 80 percent illuminate cost by using the energy saving bulbs.
  • High price you bought compact fluorescent lamps you can amortize in two years.
    With 5 hours use of a normal bulbs in an apartment has 1 saloon, 2 living rooms, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom (aprox 100 m2),  illumination consumes 3250 W of energy. With compact flourescant illumination consumes only 650 W of energy.
  • Normal lamps uses significant energy to heat, not to illumination.
  • Turn off the lights of the rooms than noone uses.
  • Outdoor building lights must be used only if they neccessary. Use fotocell units or timers to automatically open and close the lights.
  • Bigger lamps do not generate more light.
  • Please turn off the lights when you are leaving the room.
  • Please clean the lamps with dry cloth, they will work better. Dirty and dusty lamps consume %25 more power.
  • Strinctly do not use the blurry compact flourescent lamps.
  • Please do not turn on the lights in day time if they are not neccessary. Open your curtains, take advantage of the sunlight.
  • Use the compact flourescent lamps in corridor of your buildings. The Lamps are working with auto-timer.
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