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web sites opened.
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Why Energy Saving?
Turkey is a country which is improving and high population for this reason Turkeys energy consumption is increases higher and higher.
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Lighting Catalogue
Klite new lighting catalogue is put on the market.
More >>  24.10.2008

Lighting sector in the area of being debated range of product aimed at growth company "klite brand Of Quality" as brand mind placement the priority as the target fixed. Interior lighting and outside lighting, lighting and environmental and shedding light the stage of the many lighting group needs of the welcoming the types of thousands of the product and the growth in the last.

Only The lighting products manufacturer is not the company at the same time the a wide marketing network, dealer channels as well as and the wholesale and retail of the sale of weight and provides. The worldwide from 18 in the country more than marketing and sales network of the company. The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, britain, Poland, Usa, Canada. Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, iran, iraq, As Syria a broad marketing area there are a. Many public and private projects lighting products with the company lighting technology

Shortly product groups:

  • %80 Energy saving compact flourescent bulb
  • %80 Energy saving Plc bulb
  • %80 Energy saving 3u,4u bulb
  • %80 Energy saving Ecobrig-Hts bulb
  • %80 Energy saving spot lighting products
  • %80 Energy saving sensors
  • Halojen Bulbs
  • LED Night Lamps
  • LED Technology searchlights
  • Flourescents
  • Led illumination producs
  • New year decorations.

Today's most important and most serious problems of the one of the global energy on the very sensitive to the house of the many, social responsibility project by taking the the global energy awareness aims to expand. The Company of the products the most important one of the main features of " efficient products" and the other is the labor lives very long.

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